About Us

We created Meals on the Run to provide those of you like us that find themselves too busy to make healthy choices when it comes to food.  Our goal is to provide tastefully pleasing well-balanced healthier meal options for you whether you are a busy parent always on the run, athlete in training, or someone requiring a special diet.  We make it easy to eat good food without giving up your time or compromising on flavor.


Our meals are designed and prepared by trained chefs  to assure your meal is nutritiously balanced, aesthetically appealing and tastefully pleasing.

Pam Dorris, Founder

As someone with a family history of heart problems and diabetes and experience as a pharmaceutical sales rep in the cardiology field, Pam saw firsthand the results of unhealthy lifestyles and the necessity of good eating and exercise.  In addition, having battled a lifetime of weight consciousness and body image struggles, Pam has experimented with a variety of diets and fitness fads over the years from calorie restriction, Atkins, and Weight Watchers to Jane Fonda, P90x, and Insanity.  As a CrossFit trainer and with training to be Eat to Perform certified and an ACE Certified Nutrition Specialist, she saw that long-term weight loss, maintenance, and overall good health was the result of a consistent balanced meal plan and taking everything in moderation.  Diet should not be a fad, but a lifestyle and as a working single mother to two teenagers herself, she knows the time constraints of daily life and the struggle to make time for exercise and healthy meal options.


In 2016, discouraged with the uncertainty of the pharmaceutical industry, she returned to culinary school to combine her passion for health and fitness with her love of food.  The goal was to prepare her to make healthy food aesthetically appealing and tastefully pleasing.  It is her hope that Meals on the Run will be the answer, so many individuals and families need to find and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Michael Warren, Chef

Michael is a U.S Army veteran, that has always had a love for food and the culinary arts. He studied the culinary profession at Rend Lake college in the culinary arts management degree program. Michael has always believed that food is not just a way to gain nutrition but a roadmap to discovering new and exciting things and cultures. Michael believes that the food we eat should not only taste good, but be nutritious and good for our bodies.